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Protect Your Home with An Effective and Attractive Copper Eavestrough System
Both residential and commercial buildings in Toronto and Canada are exposed to all types of weather. The average building in Canada will endure drastic exposure to the elements including heavy snowfall and hail in the winter, intense rain and drastic heat in spring and summer, and the onslaught of fallen leaves in autumn. The most effective way to protect your building and the investment you have put into your roof is by implementing a reliable eavestrough system.
Benefits of Choosing Copper Eavestroughs
While the need for a proper eavestrough is apparent, what may not be so easy to decide is what material you should choose. The three general materials to choose from are copper, aluminum and steel. However, the benefits of choosing copper surpass those of aluminum and steel.
First of all, copper is a stronger material. It is rust and corrosion resistant, which aluminum and steel are not. In fact, the main elements that cause rust and corrosion  (salt, toxic rain and snow) are the exact elements from which your eavestrough is meant protect your rooftop. Therefore, copper is the logical choice when choosing an eavestrough material. Its natural properties (such as algaecide and fungicide) enable copper to break down the main culprits in blockages, like moss and leaves.
Copper has a life span of up to 100 years before it needs replacing. Aluminum and steel cannot withstand the drastic elements of the Canadian climate as well as copper can. While many people opt for cheaper options, copper is worth the extra investment as it is the strongest material and the longest lasting. Aluminum and steel eavestroughs need to be replaced more frequently and this can end up costing valuable time and money.
Attractive and Green-Friendly
Another benefit to selecting copper for your eavestrough and drainage systems is that it is a far more attractive and fashionable material. It can enhance the appearance of your home or commercial building and add a more refined and elegant appearance. Other materials cannot be altered in the same fashion that copper can. An eavestrough made from other materials can disable the visual aesthetic of your building or home. Copper Works Canada can help you choose a suitable and attractive design for your copper eavestrough.
In choosing copper, you can also rest assured that you are being earth-conscious. Nearly 55% of all copper is recycled and many architects and builders and opting for the greener option.

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